Dating my King Cornet

Olson holds the B. He also holds the M. Copies of his works will eventually be placed in selected libraries in the United States for the benefit of other scholars. He has also authored the recently released Zig Kanstul: The Last of the Great Masters. The book begins with a detailed, illustrated exploration of the history of brassmaking in the U. He first performed on television at the age of ten, performing the cornet solos of the virtuoso Herbert Lincoln Clarke and won his first national competition on the trumpet playing the Hummel Concerto at age eleven. His trumpet of choice has been the legendary Martin Committee given to him by Miles.

Trumpet Jokes

The development of a serial number list has been very difficult because of the lack of official records. White kept very detailed records but when the company was sold to the Seeburg Corporation all official records were destroyed. When looking up the age of your instrument, complete the following steps: Find your instruments catalog page and year that the catalog was made.

An Index to King Instruments. If you note any discrepancies, or have additional information concerning this company, please contact us here at Horn-u-copia.

This was not, however, the time of his birth. When the Magi arrived, Joseph and Mary were no longer in a stable with Jesus. They were now residing in a house Matthew 2: Jesus had been circumcised Luke 2: He was then being called a paidion toddler and no longer a brephos infant. When the Magi arrived, Jesus was already walking and was able to speak a few words as most normal children would be able to do when several months old.

Soon after the Magi left, Herod killed the male children in and around Bethlehem who were two years of age or younger Matthew 2: This does not mean Jesus was exactly two years old at the time. Since it was not clear in astrological interpretation whether the appearance of a star or planet signified the conception or the birth of a baby, Herod decided to kill the children born within a two-year period in order to cover both possibilities. When all these evidences are considered, it shows that Jesus was certainly a few months old when the Magi presented their gifts.

Luke gave more chronological data regarding the birth and ministry of Jesus than any other biblical writer. In doing this, Luke began his story with John the Baptist.


The seven trumpets of Revelation are seven horrible judgments that will impact Earth during the great tribulation. These judgments will devastate the ecosystems of this planet so completely that Earth will not be able to recover. The first four trumpets will occur in rapid succession.

By the time that Harry left the plant he had traded in his Selmer trumpet for a H. N. White “Super 20 Silver Sonic” and signed a deal to endorse King trumpets. Harry’s first few Super 20’s were normal production trumpets, but by the end of Harry took delivery of his “balanced” model.

Trumpet Players are a select breed unto their own. You can pick one out a mile away. They are goal oriented, stubborn, aggressive, gregarious, confident, competitive I had a blast compiling these jokes. It’s a phenomenon that musicians tell each other musician jokes about their own chops, axe and personality. It has a way of justifying the way it really is.

I guess other people use these jokes to poke fun at the various groups of musicians. These guys are unique in every way. I had a great time finding some of my old trumpet buddies from college, seeing just what they have done with themselves over the last 32 years. I’ve laced the jokes with their pictures. I can’t wait to see which one of them finds this page first

Section I. The Antediluvian Epoch: The Age of Great Heroes

But there are nine qualifications of the Star of Bethlehem. Many are still missing. Is its association with the Jewish New Year enough? Where is an indication of a birth? Some might say that the triple conjunction by itself would indicate to a magus that a new king was on the scene. But there is more.

Significant Models and Changes to Trumpets and Cornets: King Small Bore Trumpet No. Shown in the Christmas Catalog. Designed and built by H. N. White. Liberty Model Bb Trumpet No. Around the Liberty Model Bb Trumpet No. and its varents were introduced.

The purpose of Sacred Astronomy, in contrast to Ancient Astrology, was to determine the Will of Yahweh and His Son as revealed in the heavens, and to speed the unfolding of their Will. As a result, Enoch understood the Language of God in the starry heavens, and Sacred Astronomy better than anyone else of his era. As was shown in my book, the celestial storybook, or Gospel in the Stars that we call the Zodiac also foretold the coming of the one future King, Priest, and Redeemer who would conquer the fallen angel Azazel i.

Satan , sin, and death forever. This was none other than Yahshua the Messiah a. First of all, 3 BC would have been the very last year of the Fourth Millennium since the Creation of Adam and Eve in BC, based on a strictly biblical chronology some Bible scholars such as myself follow. Now, as will be explained more fully in a moment, the prophetic meaning hidden in the design of a seven-branched menorah shows that the fourth, or middle lamp represents the day the Sun was created, and also represents Yahshua as the Light, or symbolic Sun of the Servant Lamp.

It was also meant to indicate the Millennial Day in which Yahshua would be born!

Where is King Henry VIII Buried and Why Doesn’t He Have a Tomb?

What is the Shroud of Turin? What do you know about the Shroud? What is your experience with the Shroud? The Shroud of Turin is a large rectangular woven cloth, approximately 14 ft by 3.

Trumpet-like instruments have historically been used as signaling devices in battle or hunting, with examples dating back to at least BC. Trumpets are used in art music styles, for instance in orchestras, concert bands, and jazz ensembles, as well as in popular music.

God is dead, or so it must have seemed to the ancestors of the Jews in B. Jerusalem and the temple to their god are in flames; the nation of Israel, founded by King David, is wiped out. It would have seemed to have been the end, but it was, rather, the beginning. For out of the crucible of destruction emerges a sacred book, the Bible, and an idea that will change the world, the belief in one God.

This is a new idea. It was an idea that no one had ever had before. Monotheism is well-ensconced, so something major happened which is very hard to trace. Now, a provocative new story from discoveries deep within the Earth and the Bible. We wanted to examine the possibility that the remains of King David’s palace are here.

9 Different Types of Trumpets (Plus Interesting Facts)

Starting in the Detroit shop of O. White dreamed a dream of truer, finer band instruments. His repair work and daily contact with musicians taught him the weaknesses of the instruments then used. And his musician’s instinct could not be content with their imperfections. Setting himself to the task of making that dream come true, Mr. White soon gained more that a local reputation.

After , all instruments were manufactured in Eastlake and engraved with “King Musical Instruments.” 1/01/ We have reevaluated the serial number list to reflect new information. The number of instruments produced in the early years , has been reduced.

It was the end of an era. His will commanded he be buried with his beloved wife Jane Seymour , the only wife to give birth to a surviving legitimate male heir. Henry had given her a magnificent funeral after which she was buried in a vault under the quire of St. This vault was meant to be their temporary resting place. It laid in state in the presence chamber of Whitehall surrounded by burning tapers for a few days and was then moved to the chapel. On February 14, the body began its journey from London to Windsor.

The procession was four miles long. An elaborate, tall hearse bore the coffin as it rumbled along the road.