ducting fresh air to wood stove–danger?

After 4 years of use, being on constantly from November to March each year twenty four hours a day, one day the stove stopped running. I tried to resolve the problem. There were pellets in the hopper, power to the stove and the RED “heat” lights were on and the RED feed light would blink on and off every few seconds. I also heard the motor run every time the RED feed light would to go on. I emptied the feeder and watched the action of the feeder screw. The motor would hum for the 4 seconds but the screw would not turn.

How to Vent a Pellet Stove Through a Masonry Chimney

Power is another aspect, which distinguishes pellet stoves and wood stoves. These wood stoves work as fireplaces — all you need to do is to add some wood, then light it and stoke as needed. They can completely operate without requiring any power like electricity. Because of this reason, they are always usable so long as the timber is available.

EPA certified for its efficient design, this Englander Wood-Burning Stove burns a super-clean grams of emissions and features a hefty cu. ft. firebox that can take logs up to 20 in. : $

Your Rating User Rating: Do you want a stove that is incredibly easy to use so that your home heating needs can be met with one-touch ease? With digital controls that are easy to use and a large bay-style front window that will give your home great esthetics, this thermostat ready front pellet stove from US Stove can easily meet your home heating needs! You literally just need to fill the hopper once per day to get even heating throughout your home thanks to a circulation blower that utilizes temperature controls.

The blower operates at CFM and it will easily connect with almost any standard thermostat. Wood pellets tend to work the best because the smoke from the pellets is minimized. Garbage pellets worked reasonably well, but the higher smoke output makes it difficult to fully vent the exhaust of the stove. The insulation of the stove itself is good and requires only inches of clearance against the wall to properly operate.

The one issue we can see happening with some units would occur with the expansion and contraction of high heat situations.

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We’ve had it for almost four years with no problems. I clean it out and grease the augers every fall before running it for the winter season. It has recently started having a problem with the blower speed. How do I light my pellet stove?

Running out of hands? Hook the Pellet Grill & Smoker Shelf onto the front of your grill, and use all the space you need. Make it a serving area, a condiment shelf, a tool rack—whatever you want it to be.

If you have a fire cup full of burning pellets when the power goes out, your pellet stove will stop opperating. What this means is: No combustion fan motor running to exhaust the smoke from the burning pellets out the 3 inch flue. Smoke will come out of the door gasket and into the room with that wonderfull camp fire odor permeating the room. No auger pellet feed motor to feed in new pellets to burn, so your fire will starve for fuel if the fire does not previously sufficate itself in its own smoke.

And of course , the room air circulator will also stop running. I don’t know if you need to worry. That depends on what kind of person you are. If I were sleeping in the same room as the stove, i could wake up dead from trying to breath smoke. Some people buy battery back ups for their pellet stoves. This will give you the power to properly shut down the pellet stove without smoking out the room. This is important if you have a wife or are a wife.

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pellet stove and power outage

If you need heat for your home and have an existing masonry fireplace, you can utilize a fireplace insert. A fireplace insert is a closed-combustion firebox that is installed into an existing fireplace to increase efficiency. Inserts are available for burning wood or wood pellets or for burning gas. Gas inserts can be direct vent, natural vent or vent-free. Almost all inserts come standard with a blower, though with some, it is an optional addition to your fireplace insert installation.

John called and said the motor did not work. Pellethead recommended he run the motor direct to troubleshoot whether it was the motor or a safety issue. John replied back that the motor ran fine when operating to direct power. He asked how he would go about locating what was causing the problem and not allowing the motor to operate. Make sure your exhaust vent pipe is clean all the way through. We offer vent cleaning kits and a high powered vent vacuum cleaning option.

Make sure the door seal and ash pan seal are tight all the way around. Use a piece of paper, stick halfway in and shut door. Should have strong resistance when you pull out. Do around the main door and ash door.

Solar-Powered Pellet Stoves: Getting Off the Grid at Max Efficiency

Putting In A Chimney Vent Installation If you’re considering a chimney vent installation, the first thing to do is check the condition of your chimney. Have it swept or sweep it yourself, get a powerful light source, and have a look. Perhaps you don’t want to put your head up the chimney?

Can I cook on the top of my wood stove? It is definitely possible to cook on the top of your stove. This can be very useful in case of power failure. This is sufficient to cook. The use of a pan or other cookware may scratch the paint. An option is to use a cast iron cooking grid or simply lay a piece of stainless steel on top of the stove. Can I remove the legs or pedestal of my stove and convert it into a fireplace insert? Unfortunately, there is a major design difference between a freestanding wood stove and a wood insert.

This serves to accumulate the heat radiated by the firebox.


When connecting appliances to stovepipe things don’t always match up as well as you’d like. DuraBlack Applications – Single-wall interior stovepipe for connecting woodstoves to manufactured chimney. Materials and Construction – gauge steel construction. Clearances – 18 inch clearance to combustibles. This Dura-Vent Stovepipe Adaptor is the solution to this problem.

It is constructed of gauge steel with spot-welded seams.

Thought for the Harvest: Choosing the Right Stove for Your Home Why a pellet stove might be the best option for heating your outbuilding Cabin fever: Considering fireplace and stove options for your home away from home Solar-Powered Pellet Stoves: For some the need to restock the stove every few hours and work spent chopping and maintain a healthy supply of firewood is just part of the deal, something you accept as the price of living off the grid.

But for those looking to upgrade to a more efficient — and low-maintenance — method of off-the-grid wood heat would be wise to look in the direction of pellet stoves. With the help of solar energy, you can remain off the grid and increase the efficiency of your heating system. Traditional wood stoves vs. Pellet stoves — as well as newer types of cord wood stoves — offer automatic starters and more efficient heating systems that also use fans to distribute warmth, but those types of improvements require a small amount of electricity to operate.

Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Stove Owner’s Manual Installation And Operatio

The doctor just doesn’t want you having that kind of heat. I used to get sick all the time from our heat and we didn’t use woodstoves, we had a boiler that pushed force hot water through pipes. Since we’ve been using the woodstove or even when we used our fireplace it never caused me to get sick. Now going outdoors in the freezing cold, that got me sick.

They fit together to prevent smoke or draft from entering or exiting the stove. They are available in sections with separate fittings that allow you to build almost any configuration for any wood stove. This type of stove has a round, steel flange emerging from the top that allow for easy hook-up. Its only a matter of matching the pipe to the flange. Special tools or training are not necessary for attaching pipes to stoves. Anyone can do it.

It may exit from the top of the stove vertically, or horizontally from one side or the back. Most stovepipes are 6 inches in diameter, but check you’re to make sure. Purchase a inch piece of single-wall stovepipe using the measurements. The ends of the pipe will be slightly different. One end will have a slight bulge at one end. It may be almost imperceptible.

Use a tape measure to identify the difference if needed.

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This video walks you through the steps from identifying what system you have, accessing the system, and resetting it. How do I remove the glass from my fireplace? Please refer to the installation manual or users guide for your fireplace to see how the glass is attached to your specific model and instructions for removal.

For liner kit pricing, click here. Do I need to reline? We must replace our old catalytic Scandia C wood stove with 8″ flue due to a cracked back panel. We use it to heat our 20×20′ downstairs playroom, and provide supplementary heat to the rest of house. We burn maybe 2 cords a season: In 15 yrs, we’ve never had any problems with it or the exterior, two-story 8″ x 13″terracotta lined chimney.

The chimney and stovepipe are always “very clean,” never much creosote, hardly any ash, lining and joints intact. Now we’re told that newer stoves “require” lining the chimney with smaller diameter flue pipe. I understand that the warranties of some models require such, as does our county codes department. Are there any stoves we can get that will not require refluing the chimney?

Step by Step install of pellet stove pipe exhaust kit