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He enjoys reading good books, listening to old music, traveling, and sitting on porches. He was born and raised in Oklahoma. We live and die by words. The lives of men and empires are shaped and bound by stories. There is a mysterious power in this. Perhaps one of the greatest there is. However, over the course of serving in an infantry unit, falling for a girl, going downrange, getting wounded, and coming home, that story changed.

Get Out of the Car With Your Hands Up

Its V-shaped hull helps deflect blasts out and away from the crew and its armoring can be customized to meet any mission requirement. The work was completed at the end of May A subset of the work was completed May , while all work is expected to be complete by the end of October In a war zone… yes, definitely. On the streets of America…?

Out of curiosity, I looked up the Duck, Duck, Goose cookbook on Amazon. First of all, it has five-star ratings which seemed really odd (seemed like a tremendous number of reviews for a .

Nancy Zapata July 7, at 4: He was just terminated, mind you after one day of investigating, because he was dating someone internally. He dreamed to work there! He finally gets his dream job, works his way up to Manager only three years on the job and then this! How about one of your regional leaders and a store manager in the same district! I will bad mouth your company for a very long time and all the clients my son brought into this store will cease purchasing from your stores ever.

I want a valid reason in writing, not a phone call, as to why he was terminated….. Mafia Informer June 18, at 9: Manager Ed is a Jerk and he treats his customers like crap!! If you complain on him he will scream and yell at you on the phone and refuse to hold or sell you any games inc banning you from his store lmao.


If you’d like to contact me directly, you can send me an email at cmpowers56 gmail. That said, what better way to get back into motion than to talk about some of the completely random things I love about Panama? But I promise to try and do this a little different from the pay-for-info sites.

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Doubt October 09, There’s a saying that “if there’s any doubt, there’s no doubt” and I used to think if it was draped on banners above church altars before weddings, we wouldn’t need divorce courts. The essence of this pithy wisdom is that if your intuition is telling you something is not right about a situation, then something’s probably amiss. Bizarrely, many of us apply this thinking to kebabs, used cars and guys in tracksuits offering us speed but not to the most important decision of our life: Instead of listening to that voice of doubt about a relationship, too many people do the opposite: Doubts are actually nature’s way of saving us from a homicide charge or 25 years of alimony payments.

Millions of unhappy couples ignoring them is why free-to-air TV stations and breweries stay in business. Or so I thought. Having been around the dating block enough times to wear a groove in the footpath, some years ago I came to the realisation that almost every one of my relationships was actually the same relationship. I, not Alice, Abby or Audrey, was the common element in my failures. If you remove super-destructive problems from the mix of coupledom, things such as substance abuse, violence, infidelity and designer clothing obsessions, the obstacles we encounter as we move from manic shagging to long-term intimacy are often very similar:


Mark J Smith October 31, at 5: They further listed the finance rates for 36 months at 1. The truck is Race Red and has the options that fit my needs. I contacted the dealership through Cars.

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They force each passerby to look at each cube memorializing a person that was forcibly moved out of their residence by an authoritarian, right-wing government, deported, and then mass-murdered in an industrialized process. After looking up from the cubes, it slowly dawns on the observer that their surroundings are the same as those that the victims saw before they were murdered by the Nazi State. National Institute of Justice reported that As of November 30, , the German prison system housed 62, prisoners, an incarceration rate of 76 per , people.

Such disparities between the rates of both recidivism and incarceration beg the following question: If the latter is true, then what is the U. Winston Churchill famously observed that Americans can always be relied upon to do the right thing, once they have exhausted all the alternatives. After plus years of slavery, a civil war had to be fought to end the brutal practice. But the desire to oppress other human beings remained, and ever since the American Civil War ended in , legal forms of slavery continue, most notably in the form of the prison-industrial complex.

In many small towns across America, prisons are the only industry. If a prison is shutdown, the town is hit economically. So, politicians are loath to close prisons, and special interest groups lobby for long-term sentencing laws to ensure prisons are filled. Greater restrictions on parole made it more difficult for prisoners to be released.


Thursday, May 04, I was lost, crossed lines I shouldn’t have crossed I’ve had better days. For the past ten days to two weeks I have been in honest discussion and interviews with a local ministry about taking a position with them. In fact, I believed that I had the job.

Sometimes a guy just wants a vacation from himself and his problems. Sure, these arrangements usually end up melting down (maybe in a week, a month or a year), but during that time he gets to postpone dealing with his issues and can numb his pain with a simple girl who doesn’t unearth any skeletons for a .

Dating is really hard. First you have to find someone with whom you share a mutual attraction, then you have to make sure that you want the same thing in terms of commitment. But the hardest part is meeting someone. As a result, many have turned to online dating sites. In fact, a third of recently married couples met online. It’s time for a frank discussion! What I learned from interviews was that online dating is equally painful for men and for women, but for very different reasons.

As the saying goes: Women are afraid men will kill them.

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Guy (And Have Him Chasing You)

Quotes[ edit ] Huey: Riley, we’re not in Chicago anymore These people are well-off These are not the hard streets of the South Side. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

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This is your father. You haven’t been born yet you haven’t even been conceived yet! I want you to keep your head up no matter how much the goings-on of the world sometimes hang about your shoulders. I apologize in advance for the way people will treat you when you accomplish things. When you succeed ignore those who say you did so not because you’re worthwhile or talented but because you’re a woman.

And don’t listen to what mean old Garry Kasparov says—it’s not like he’s well-respected by gamers or anything.

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Copious amounts of vodka have not helped and so I thought maybe writing about it might. Dillon walked away and waved to the crowd after his car got airborne and was torn apart by the fence. He was been checked and released from the infield care center with a bruised tailbone and forearm. Of the five treated, one was transported to a local hospital, treated and released.

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Posted on December 2, by Scott Alexander I. On The Road is a terrible book about terrible people. Jack Kerouac and his terrible friends are brought to the brinks of a lot of things, actually. Enlightenment, revelation, truth, the real meaning of America, the ultimate, the sacred — if it has a brink, they will come to it. Crucially, they never cross that brink or gain any lasting knowledge or satisfaction from the experience.

Kerouac cannot frickin shut up about Dean Moriarty. Who is this superman, this hero? His specialty was stealing cars, gunning for girls coming out of high school in the afternoon, driving them out to the mountains, making them, and coming back to sleep in any available hotel bathtub in town. Okay, but you have overwrought religious adjectives to describe all of this, right?

But please, tell us more:

Podcast #136: Boys Adrift With Dr. Leonard Sax

Perhaps they learned a few things along the way. Addendum Three points for clarification: Obviously the iPhone upended the incumbent handset industry, so Nokia certainly saw Apple as a competitor. But I doubt Apple ever viewed Nokia that way, because they never saw Nokia as competing in the personal computing business.

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Me A Real Thai June 3, at 3: Austen August 12, at My Aunt is Thai and they moved to America. I live in Thailand and I came here because I like the laid back lifestyle. I think the author needs to learn some Thai. Chris August 13, at 4: The Thais will never even come close to the level Western people are on,Thais have so many personality flaws its incredible. You showed your true Thai colours when you posted this.

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