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What Does Jeffery Actually Say? Professor Jeffery belongs to that section of Orientalists who, in post-colonial times, shifted from textual and philological studies and, unlike their predecessors, had no chance to act as advisor to the colonial masters of Muslim Asia and Africa. Arthur Jeffery also holds the dubious distinction of calling Muhammad P a robber chief, second only to Professor David Margoliouth. At Medina, he was what might justly call a robber chief, just as David, King of Israel, was in his early days. If he has so much hatred for the Prophet P of Islam, how is that one can expect him to be objective in his criticism of what was revealed to him? The most striking feature of this book is the regularity with which the reader encounters expression of Jeffery’s scepticism concerning the reports of the variant readings. This is due to the fact that sufficient material Jeffery is no exception to this. In spite of this evidence, the image of the Christian ecclesiastical history, with which the Christian missionaries are much more familiar, seems to have obsessed Jeffery to such a degree that he has, in his book, transposed it almost entirely to the Islamic terrain.

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Historian Tom Holland, told the Times: The ancient pages were found bound alongside those of a younger copy of the Koran from the seventh century AD. It is thought they had been put together because the Hijazi script on the parchment was similar. They had been collected during the s by a Chaldean priest called Alphonse Mingana who put together a huge collection of documents from the Middle East. His expeditions to the Middle East were sponsored by Edward Cadbury, from the chocolate dynasty.

A special library was built at Selly Oak Colleges in Birmingham, a group of colleges set up by a group of Quakers led by George Cadbury.

Sep 11,  · What The Quran Says About Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships – Powerful Reminder The Daily Reminder Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships In The Quran – Powerful Reminder How Dating Leads To.

We seek refuge with Allah from the evil of our selves and from the evil results of our actions. I testify that Allah alone is worthy of worship and that Muhammad is His slave and final Messenger. May Allah’s salawat peace and blessings be upon the last and final messenger Muhammad, his family and his followers. The best discourse is the book of Allah, and the best way is the way of Muhammad, and the worst of the matters in the religion are those newly introduced innovations, for every innovation in the religion is misguidance, and every misguidance is going astray and every going astray is in the Hellfire.

I have embarked on my commentary on the The Economist magazine’s survey “Islam and the West” large insert in the August 6, issue after some considerable deliberation, and find myself confronted with a considerable task, and indeed Allah is the best of helpers. Brian Beedham is able to rely on what Noam Chomskey calls “manufactured consent”.

While dictatorships use force in order to achieve consent from the people and prevent opposition, “democracies” manufacture consent through the media by using it to providing a particular world view which conforms to the interests, by and large, of the ruling elite.

“Indeed the religion before Allah is Islam”

Torah not talmud, injile not gospel. Why not start with Prophet Adam as Quran and Taurat describe and seek to learn? Quran said the intelectual blessed to adam was what made him greater than other god creations, better than angles,better than satan, but he was like new born baby can think but not knowing everything yet. First, Paul did not write Taurat.

Feb 14,  · What Islaam Says About Dating The most common questions I get from young people are, “Do Muslims date?” and, “If they don’t date, how do they decide whose the right person for them to marry?” “Dating” as it is currently practiced in much of the world does not exist among Muslims – .

Voices Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn’t read its lessons on violence The permission given in Quran This simplistic conclusion ignores that many groups in many countries are experiencing terror right now. And it ignores the fact that as Somalians suffer a massive famine Western media virtually ignores them — as it has ignored the Syrian crisis for the last several years.

We cannot resolve the Syrian, Yemeni and Somalia atrocities until we adhere to justice. Blaming the Quran for terrorism is not only demonstrably false, it wastes precious resources that could be spent on stopping war and famine. Stockholm truck attack In pictures: Fact 1 The Quran requires that you read it in full. Fact 2 Islam is a practical faith that permits self-defence in certain strict situations. Let the Quran explain.

This included a three-year starvation boycott from which his wife Khadija later died.

Question: Does Islam Approve Of Honour Killings Of Women?

Its liturgical context is seen in a number of passages, for example: The latter two terms also denote units of revelation. The term mus’haf ‘written work’ is often used to refer to particular Quranic manuscripts but is also used in the Quran to identify earlier revealed books. Wahy Cave of Hira, location of Muhammad’s first revelation.

The Quran in Sura says: And if you be apprehensive that you will not be able to do justice to the orphans, you may marry two or three or four women whom you choose. But if you apprehend that.

I had to do a prayer to convert to hinduism before I got married. Long ago though Muslims were supposed to marry to Muslims but as time went by and religions and customs mixed this changed. Some Muslims however still believe there should be no mixing. I guess it depends on where and how they were taught.

Again, in a modern society this rule does always apply. My father did it to all of his four children but when we got older we decided what religion we wanted to follow. My father’s or mother’s or husband’s.

Can muslims date outside their religion?

What commends it Quran so powerfully to the historian is its authenticity, not as the Word of God, of course, as the Muslims believe but as the secular historian cannot and should not, but rather as a document attesting to what Muhammad said at that time and place, early seventh-century Mecca. It is not a transcript, however; our present Quran is the result of an edition prepared under the orders of Uthman Those Uthmanic clues are fragmentary, however, and large ‘invented’ portions might well have been added to our Quran or authentic material deleted.

So it has been charged in fact by some Muslims who failed to find in the present Quran any explicit reference to the designation of a successor to the Prophet and so have alleged tampering with the original texts. But the argument is so patently tendentious and the evidence adduced for the fact so exiguous that few have failed to be convinced that what is in our copy of the Quran is in fact what Muhammad taught, and is expressed in his own words. Muhammad, according to tradition, recited perfectly what the angel Gabriel revealed to him for his companions to write down and memorize.

The rationale for the crime, first considered to be a straight man’s act of homophobic violence, became self-loathing when it came to light that for years Mateen had corresponded on gay dating.

Time is Relative – Age of Universe Time is relative. We know from Einstein that my clock and your clock will not run at the same rate. Moslems believe that Paradise and Hell are both much bigger and much more massive than Earth but still much smaller than God’s Throne. The theory of general relativity says that time passes slower near an object more massive than Earth clocks run slower in stronger gravitational fields.

Moslems say that this is what Allah says. Here God promises those who do not believe in Hell and punishment that each day of their torture in Hell will measure a thousand years on Earth. But this agrees with the theory of general relativity which says that time passes slower near bigger mass. Paradise and Hell are much more massive than Earth and time should pass there much slower than on Earth. Christians believe that God created the universe in 6 earthly days and rested on the 7th.

Moslems believe that 6 days passed at God’s Throne but we experienced

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At the bottom of this post appear the sahih or authorized translations from Quran. Below is also a summary of the koranic view of women, as well as relevant videos by Muslim authorities, expressing a very typical attitude towards women. Please note that millions of children worldwide are forced to learn these koranic scriptures by memory. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse with them whence God enjoined you….

Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them.

Falling in love is obviously not forbidden in Islam, but ‘dating‘ is not an Islamic term. The Prophet taught that building a family is a virtuous thing and he suggested every Muslim to get married.

Best Rate it Cheating and deception are despicable characteristics that are beneath a decent person. Intentionally distorting the truth in order to mislead others contradicts the values of honesty, which requires an attitude of sincerity, straightforwardness, and fairness that leaves no room for cheating, lying, trickery, or deceit. There are many texts from the Quran and the Sunnah conveying the meaning that cheating, whether the target be Muslims or non-Muslims, is forbidden.

Accepting the guidance of Islam leads a person to truthfulness, which means a person completely avoids cheating, cheating, and back-stabbing. The Prophet of Islam said: He put his hand inside it and felt dampness, although the surface was dry. Whoever cheats us is not one of us.

Courtship and Dating in Islam

Like pre-modern scholars of law and ethics, these books assume heteronormativity. Scriptures and later writers usually referred only to particular sexual acts and did not raise the issue of personal sexual orientation. For religious conservatives, though, both Muslim and Christian, the occasional derogatory reference to same-sex acts is enough to prove their inherent sinfulness in all circumstances.

The Quran says: “And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women.” [Noble Quran ] The Quran, in addressing the believers, often uses the expression, ‘believing men and women’ to emphasize the equality of men and women in regard to their respective duties, rights, virtues and .

One person said in an answer above that men and women cannot have attractions to one another and if you lower your gaze you won’t have attractions! That is how warped the mentality is. Qur’an says when any group of people are alone together, 3 or more or less than 3 which would be 2! Men and women are given moral instructions. That is faulty religion. The test is in our attractions to one another.

Muslims go extreme to take away the test. Well, if you don’t take the test, you cannot pass the test, which means you fail the test. Mainstream Islam fails the test – it takes away the test with the belief that it cannot be passed. Mainstream Islam is comprised of sexually repressed people with extremely dirty minds.

Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Please enter a valid email Women in the Quran and the Sunnah Prof. Doi In Islam there is absolutely no difference between men and women as far as their relationship to Allah is concerned, as both are promised the same reward for good conduct and the same punishment for evil conduct. The Quran says that women have souls in exactly the same way as men and will enter Paradise if they do good: You are forbidden to inherit women against their will.

Nor should you treat them with harshness, that you may take away part of the dowry you have given them – except when they have become guilty of open lewdness. On the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity.

And they even claimed to love Him, the variation in readings of the text permitted by the nature of the defective vocalization led to an increase in the number of .

Many scholars have been advocating rules that are in direct violation to God’s clear law in the Quran. Sadly, in male orientated cultures we hear the claim that a Muslim man may marry a woman of other religions e. They explain this male biased innovation by a number of un-Quranic justifications. Some say that this privilege is given to the man because the child takes the religion of his father and not his mother, and thus a Muslim man may marry a non Muslim woman but still have the child raised as a Muslim, while as if a Muslim woman married a Christian man for example, the child would be raised as a Christian.

This claim is without any Quranic justification. The Quran does not support the claim that a child must follow the religion of his father, simply because God decreed that there shall be no compulsion in religion. God’s law related to marrying non Muslims is found in the following verse: Do not you men marry the mushrikaat women who commit shirk until they believe; a believing slave woman is better than a mushrikah even if you like her, and do not you women marry the mushrikeen until they believe; a believing slave man is better than a mushrik even if you like him.

These invite to the fire while God invites to Paradise and forgiveness, with His permission, and He clarifies His revelations for the people so that they may remember. We read in 6: As a result, with regards to Muslims who uphold the Quran, those among them who uphold any source of law besides the Quran are guilty of committing shirk:

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It is the capital of the Al Madinah Province. After Mecca, it is the second holiest city in Islam. Like Mecca , entry to Madina is also prohibited for all non-Muslims. Three oldest mosques are located in Madina.

Studies using radiocarbon dating indicate that the parchments are dated to the period before CE with a 99 percent probability. Birmingham Quran manuscript, dated As the Quran says, “With the truth we (God) have sent it down and with the truth it has come down.”.

Physically beaten by your husband? And you sat still for that? I was so entrapped. We had lots of money, but I had nowhere to go. I had nothing in my name. I had lost all my friends.

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