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Know about her work, family, and tributes! Sue Grafton dies at 77 due to cancer of the appendix! Posted by MarriedBiography In Career , Health Sue Grafton passes away The famous American crime novelist Sue Grafton who has given the world the bestsellers died on 28 December after a painful two-year battle with cancer.

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Since then, Jun Yasuda has crossed the country four more times on foot and logged in several thousand additional miles for the cause of peace. In , during one of her fasts, she was approached by Hank Hazelton, a long time activist for Native Americans. In October , work began on the structure soon to be called the Grafton Peace Pagoda. After 8 years of toil and struggle, the Pagoda was completed and dedicated in the fall of Since the Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji order is not permitted to solicit money for any reason, the Pagoda was built entirely with donated labor, funds and materials.

Many volunteers contributed tens of thousands of hours of labor to complete the Pagoda. Recycled materials and tools also found new life during construction of the project.

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Mission Statement The Mission of the Grafton Historical Society is to collect, preserve, interpret and share information and artifacts of Grafton and its environs with the people of the community. Several men from the newly established town were meeting at the home of Nathan Hakes as specified in the act of the legislature creating the town on March 20, Joseph Berwick was the moderator. By the end of the meeting, Nathaniel Dumbleton would emerge as the first supervisor for the new town which previously had been known as Roxborough.

Porcelain & earthenware manufacturer at Grafton Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. c marks often incorporated the trade name: “Grafton” or “Royal Grafton”.

This first book is competent enough, but not particularly original. Grafton’s alphabet-titled series not only took hold, but the books are also available in 28 countries and 26 languages in abundant quantities, well into the millions of copies. In the last two years, Grafton has won lifetime achievement awards on both sides of the Atlantic. Without her and crime-writing colleagues Sara Paretsky and Marcia Muller, the female private detective subgenre would simply not exist.

And with the end of the alphabet in sight, no author is more closely identified with reader expectations — especially when “Z Is for Zero” shepherds Kinsey and her hometown of Santa Teresa to a fictional end. Grafton has certainly reaped the rewards of this bigger picture: But what’s been lost in the collective race toward the finish line is that Grafton, interviewed on the first day of her book tour for “U Is for Undertow” Putnam: The year-old woman I met at the Four Seasons Hotel, where she stays regularly when visiting the city, was comfortable in the skin of her black sweater, gray speckled skirt and black boots.

But just underneath the extroverted mask she presents at bookstore appearances is the deeply contemplative writer still determined to stretch her chops and chart territory that removes any semblance of a comfort zone. Rather than rest on her laurels, Grafton does the exact opposite. The main story line in “U” concerns the disappearance of a 4-year-old girl in the late s — a topic “fraught with emotion” for Grafton, who has a granddaughter the same age.

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Looking for the best trails around Grafton? Find the top rated trails in Grafton, whether you’re looking an easy walking path or a long bike trail, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Click on a trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews.

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Sue Grafton dies at 77 due to cancer of the appendix! Know about her work, family, and tributes!

But the roots of Mother’s Day history can also be traced in UK where a Mothering Sunday was celebrated much before the festival saw the light of the day in US. However, the celebration of the festival as it is seen today is a recent phenomenon and not even a hundred years old. Thanks to the hard work of the pioneering women of their times, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis that the day came into existence.

Today the festival of Mothers day is celebrated across 46 countries though on different dates and is a hugely popular affair. Millions of people across the globe take the day as an opportunity to honor their mothers, thank them for their efforts in giving them life, raising them and being their constant support and well wisher. Earliest History of Mothers Day The earliest history of Mothers Day dates back to the ancient annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to maternal goddesses.

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Portions of the content on this web page were adapted from a copy of the original nomination document. Description Haverhill Corner Historic District is a concentration of private residences and public buildings distributed along two intersecting roads and around two adjacent commons. The Haverhill Corner Historic District contains 64 sites, including 7 nonconforming buildings and 3 vacant lots. A broad spectrum of architectural styles is represented, from vernacular Georgian to Bungalow, with Federal style buildings being the most numerous.

About 24 of the contributing buildings are located along the major north-south thoroughfare, State Highway 10 Dartmouth College Highway. The two commons lie on the east side of Route 10 and are divided by the first province road, later the Coos Turnpike and now Court Street. This enters the Haverhill Corner Historic District from the east and ends at its intersection with Route The commons are surrounded on all four sides by a total of 17 buildings. Extending easterly from the commons, the Haverhill Corner Historic District includes 18 contributing buildings along the north and south sides of Court Street.

The land within the Haverhill Corner Historic District is flat. The area is situated about feet above the meandering Connecticut River and its farmland. The concentration of buildings is a product of Haverhill Corner’s role as the center of law and banking in northern New Hampshire in the first part of the 19th century and its location on major transportation routes. The development and manifestation of the architectural styles reflect the changing economic conditions over the past two hundred years.

The houses built before Daniel Stevens Homestead, c.

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The Sun’s altitude in Grafton today. The horizontal line signifies the horizon, the vertical lines show the times of sunrise and sunset. Altitude and heading are displayed below the graph. The graph defaults to current time. Hover over it to select a different time. How to use this.

Timber wall, at the east side of the Louisa Russell home Southwest ghost towns tend to range in character and authenticity from the complete but restored and overtly commercialized such as Calico , along I near Barstow in California, to genuine, neglected sites that have very little of the original settlement remaining, for instance Old Irontown near Cedar City in Utah.

Grafton is somewhere in between; a small group of aged wooded buildings in good condition stands in tree-lined fields near the Virgin River just south of the boundary of Zion National Park , while nearby is a well-preserved cemetery containing a number of graves dating from the s. Grafton was established in by a small group of settlers from Virgin, 7 miles west, on the fertile Virgin River floodplain, and while the occupancy declined after when some people departed for the larger, more accessible settlement of Rockville, the last inhabitants did not leave until The original residents grew cotton, wheat and alfalfa, though despite the good soils and the scenic surroundings, life here was difficult, due to floods, attacks by Indians, and the sometimes harsh winter weather.

The town is only a quarter of a mile from the main highway to Zion National Park, but is relatively little visited since it lies on the opposite side of the river, reached by a 3. Five large structures remain, out of the original total of over 30, and all have been carefully restored following the creation of the Grafton Heritage Partnership, who manage the site. The surrounding farmland and orchards are still used, associated with a nearby ranch; a few people continue to live in other houses in the neighborhood, and some parts of the former village are fenced off, yet the site is still quite atmospheric and authentic, with peaceful surroundings, enhanced by the high, colorful cliffs of the national park that provide a dramatic backdrop to the north.

Access Grafton is reached from the sleepy town of Rockville along Hwy 9; initially south on a residential street Bridge Lane that crosses the Virgin River on a historic, single-track iron bridge constructed in , and then west, along the base of the low, red cliffs of Moenkopi sandstone that separate the lush river valley from the arid rocky land beyond. At the point where Bridge Lane bends south, a lesser, unpaved road continues roughly parallel with the river for another 2 miles to the ghost town.

Grafton Cemetery The first point of interest is the old cemetery, which contains a few dozen graves from the period – , with telling inscriptions that give some insight into the harsh life at that time, such as the three Berry brothers and one wife , all killed by Indians on April 2nd , or the five children of John and Charlotte Ballard, all of whom died young between and , none living for more than 9 years.

The Ballard parents are also interred, living until and respectively.

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It is true that access to the fossils were restricted. This is normal practice for rare and valuable fossils. However it is doubtful that this “security” protected the hoax. The fossils were available for examination. The tests that exposed the hoax could have been performed at any time.

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The county was named in honor of U. John Taylor — , a soldier-statesman from Caroline County, Virginia. Taylor County, served by U. The county has Steep hillsides, V-shaped valleys, and narrow floodplains characterize the region. Trapper John Simpson was the earliest white person known to have entered present Taylor County, in The oldest towns, including Pruntytown and Fetterman, formed along the Northwestern Turnpike , which followed the path of modern U.

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